Soil consulting for commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and agricultural sites.

Reconnaissance Soil Survey - Pre-purchase inspection of public soil maps coupled with site visit(s) during the discovery phase and/or the due diligence process for determining project feasibility.
Preliminary Soil Survey - This survey is designed for field identification of the major soil types and their suitability.  This survey designed for the planning stages and/or for the due diligence process.
Level Three Soil Survey - High intensity soil survey that identifies the soil types present and their suitability, map preparation and reporting.
Level Four Special Study - High intensity special study for complex sites and/or out-lot potential.
Site Plans - A site plan is required when more information and detail is needed to determine compliance with the regulations.
On-Site Waste Disposal System Evaluation - Proper septic system inspection during the sale and transfer of a property.
Failing On-Site Waste -
Disposal System Evaluation
Recommendations for repair and/or replacement of the system.

Community Waste Water Disposal System Soil Consulting

Land Application of Waste Soil Consulting

Site Reconnaissance - Pre-purchase inspection to determine if wetlands are present.
Wetland Delineation - Field identification based on criteria for jurisdictional wetlands set forth by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, map preparation, report submittal, follow up communication.
Wetland Permitting - Coordinate nationwide and individual permit submittal, mitigation plans.



Erosion, Sediment & Pollution Control Plans
Water quality monitoring, testing and reporting
Implementation and installation of the Best Management Practices on E, S & P Plans


KSAT (Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity) Testing
Backhoe Test Pits


Trimble Pro XRS GPS
Topcon Total Station
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2006


GPS Soil Sampling
EC (Electrical Conductivity) Soil Mapping-Veris 3100
Variable Rate application maps, soil type maps, EC soil maps, result maps, yield maps, nematode maps, zone maps and aerial image maps.



Environmental Site Assessment- Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment reports are typically conducted during commercial, industrial, residential real estate transactions for any site nearby to environmentally sensitive activities. Our Phase 1 ESA reports adhere to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. This type of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report is required by lenders and is recommended prior to purchasing commercial or industrial real estate or prior to starting new residential developments. The main purpose of the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report is to make sure you know there is no soil or groundwater contamination from previous use or neighboring sites. Unknown environmental concerns can impact the property's value or limit its use due to regulatory-mandated cleanup, or in worse cases causing civil liability.

N.E.P.A Study - The NEPA process consists of an evaluation of the environmental effects of a federal undertaking including its alternatives. There are three levels of analysis depending on whether or not an undertaking could significantly affect the environment. These three levels include: categorical exclusion determination; preparation of an environmental assessment/finding of no significant impact (EA/FONSI); and preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS).