Environmental Delineations is a young family business with a long history.

In the spring of 1994 Ernest H. Smith started a soil mapping company called “Soil Consulting Services.” He had just retired from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Soil Conservation Service (USDA-SCS) as a soil scientist with over 33 years of service.

During his tenure with the USDA-SCS, Ernest received many honors and achievements. One of his most prestigious honors was being recognized in the Million Acre Mappers Registry for soil mapping over 1,000,000 acres throughout his career with the USDA-SCS.

Over 58 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of acres mapped are reflected in our company’s slogan: Tradition, Integrity, Quality & Dependability. This is the backbone that drove the start of this new venture and it remains the same today. Kevin L. Smith followed his father into business in the spring of 1994.  Once Kevin finished his studies at the University of Georgia he began working with Ernest full time and “Environmental Delineations” was formed.

Kevin is president of Environmental Delineations and is a second-generation soil scientist. Kevin shares the same values and work ethics as the company's founder. Kevin strives to advance the family business and soil science everyday. Over the years, Environmental Delineations has diversified and now offers a number of environmental services to its clients.

BSA-UGA 1960
USDA-NRCS Soil Scientist 1960 to 1994
Over 40 years of soil mapping experiencing
GA DHR Soil Classifier #128
NSCSS - Registered Professional Soil Scientist #85


BSA-UGA 2000
Eagle Scout 1994
Over 18 years of soil mapping experience
GA DHR Soil Classifier #187
NSCSS-Registered Professional Soil Scientist #102
SC DNR Professional Soil Classifier #72
AL Professional Soil Classifier #94
Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control #5727
Soil Science Society of America - Certified Professional Soil Scientist